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Close and Dispose - which to call?


After reading some web pages, I still don't understand the difference between Dispose and Close methods in C#.

Let's take a sample:

using (SqlConnection sqlConnection = new SqlConnection())
    // Execute an insert statement (no breaks, exceptions, returns, etc.)

and a second one:

SqlConnection sqlConnection = new SqlConnection();
// Execute an insert statement (no breaks, exceptions, returns, etc.)

Are those two pieces of code similar? Are both available only for convenience (since there are situations where using is not a solution? Or there is a difference in the behavior?

So why some classes provide Close method and when should I put a Close method in IDisposable classes I create?

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Your two code snippets are equivalent.

.NET classes that implement IDisposable and expose Close, do it juts for the added convenience of having a Close method that has a slightly friendlier name. Typically one calls the other.

If you implement your own disposable class, you won't need to add a Close method, unless you like to have one.

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This is almost correct. Dispose and Close are the same except for database connection classes. –  Stephen Cleary Jul 9 '10 at 22:38
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