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I've never come across this problem before and its quite annoying me. I have a list which when hovered over, a box appears around it. I have a list set out like the following

<div id="sidebar">
    <h2>Our Services</h2>

        <a href="furniture.php"><li>Furniture</li></a>
        <a href="kitchens.php"><li>Kitchens</li></a>
        <a href="bedrooms.php"><li>Bedrooms</li></a>
        <a href="flooring.php"><li>Flooring</li></a>
        <a href="externaljoinery.php"><li>External Joinery</li></a>
        <a href="commercialwork.php"><li>Commercial Work</li></a>
        <a href="staircases.php"><li>Staircases</li></a>
        <a href="tiling.php"><li>Tiling</li></a>

But for some reason firefox doesnt render the whole list item as a link, only the text. It works across other browsers (even IE) but not firefox.

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You might want to look into using Total Validator ( It's a great tool for checking if a page has correct HTML syntax (it also checks for additional things, such as accessibility and broken links). –  Gert Grenander Jul 9 '10 at 22:56

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<a href="furniture.php"><li>Furniture</li></a>


<li><a href="furniture.php">Furniture</a></li>

Inside a UL you are supposed to have LI elements, not anything else. However, inside the LI you can have other tags such as A


You can set the style of A to display:block as mwgriffith suggested on comments.

or to make the whole line a link you can also assign a click event on the LI, here is an example using jQuery

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Is <ul><a href="furniture.php"><li>Furniture</li></a></ul> valid HTML anyway? –  Bruno Jul 9 '10 at 22:43
No, you can't have any tags but LI directly under UL –  BrunoLM Jul 9 '10 at 22:45
That is unfortunatly not doing what I want, if I put the <a> inside the <li> then only the text is a link, instead of the whole list which all browsers except firefox is doing. For example, I have the list item as 50px wide and 30px high, and all browsers are rendering the list item as a link like I want, except firefox which renders only the text as a link. –  Keiron Lowe Jul 9 '10 at 22:51
You might be able to use display:block; on the either the li or a href tags and it might work the way you want it too. –  mwgriffith Jul 9 '10 at 23:03
A tip: validate. tells you exactly what the problems are. –  Ain Tohvri Jul 9 '10 at 23:08

I figured it out, instead of having the <li> display the background I used display:block on the <a> tags and uses the a:hover to create the background.

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