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Does anyone know of a good and accurate alternative web API for geocoding an address that is not Google or Yahoo?

I want to input an address/city/state/zip and have it return to me the latitude and longitude.

Ideally, I would involve it via a simple HTTP GET, e.g.

http://example.com/?location=123 Main St, New York, NY

and it would return JSON or XML with the latitude or longitude information.

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just curious, can you share the reasons for not using Google/Yahoo (since they have the feature you asked about)? – wishihadabettername Aug 31 '10 at 17:36

Geocoder.us is nice, and it is free (or cheap, depending on how you use it)

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NAVTEQ Geocoder can be your option.

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You may want to explorer mobile options too: http://developer.android.com

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Check this for more Geocoding services.

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Google has a very extensive list of alternatives, both free and fee for service: https://code.google.com/p/gmaps-api-issues/wiki/NonGoogleGeocoders (accessible as of 8/2015) Texas A&M also has a list: https://geoservices.tamu.edu/Services/Geocode/OtherGeocoders/ (also accessible as of 8/2015). I provided links rather than cut and pasted the contents because the pages are more likely to be up to date.

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