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I am working on Google Tile Server. I have written one WCF Service (C#) which fetches tile from Google server using http URL :- http://mt1.google.com/vt/lyrs=m@129&hl=en&x=1&y=0&z=1&s=Galileo

As you know, Google Tile requires three variable parameters x, y and z in it's URL to provide a tile.

Other co-ordinates can be seen here.

I am very much successful in fetching the Google Tile (Map) one by one (means putting different values of x, y and z).

Now coming to real world scenario, I tried developing one WinForm (C#) application to display those tiles. I am able to display one-one tiles. But my problem is..

  1. How to provide complete set of maps (different tiles stitched together)? I know, I can provide multiple calls to Google Tile Server with different parameters but I needed to know what could be the appropriate value of x, y & z in different conditions and continuous relation to that

  2. Is there any calculation, formula or mapping which links screen coordinate to Google Tile Server coordinates (means x, y & z values)?

  3. I have to provide smooth zooming and panning on dragging and double click .. same as Google provides.

  4. My basic concern is relation between Google's x, y, z and my screen coordinates.

Any help (or samples) will be highly appreciated.

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any luck with this???? –  prajakta Dec 15 '10 at 7:06
check greatmaps.codeplex.com –  radioman Jun 17 '11 at 8:17

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The explanation for what you want to do is complicated, and you'd have to figure it out some way, because things don't simply assemble themselves automagically (which is unfortunate in a way).

Even though, I have found the following link literally solved my ignorance problem, so now I can figure things out much easier:


This will explain (with some example formulas) how you can get your desired transformations.

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You need to use a Mercator projection to go from Latitude / Longitude to Google Maps tile coordinates (zoom, x, y). See https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/map-coordinates for an example. You will first need to convert from Lat / Lon to a "world point" and from there, based on the zoom level, you can convert to a pixel on the entire virtual map image that represents the whole world. Knowing the tile size (256 x 256), you can then convert from pixel to tile coordinates. Reverse this logic to go from tile coordinates to Latitude / Longitude.

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if you want to go from lat long to tile coordinates, the bing map tile page gives you all the equations you need. (assuming everyone is using a topleft origin, and 256x256 sized tiles).


if you need to use different sized tiles, then modify the constants in the equations.

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