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I have uninstalled mysql from my system long ago and i have forgot the passowrd i have set to mysql

now when i tried to install it its asking for the old password to set the new password in MySql sever instance configuration wizard

i am not getting access to mysql command line client.

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i followed the instructions in the link when i executed the following command C:\mysql\bin\mysqld --init-file=C:\\mysql-init.txt im getting this error 100710 14:38:27 [Warning] '--default-character-set' is deprecated and will be re moved in a future release. Please use '--character-set-server' instead. –  Manoj Kumar Jul 10 '10 at 9:10
thats not error, its warning, its harmless –  damir Jul 12 '10 at 19:26


UPDATE mysql.user 
    SET Password=PASSWORD('MyNewPass') 
    WHERE User='root';
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