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I am using Microsoft Ajax Minifier to convert file1.js to file1.min.js. Now I would like to take file1.min.js and file2.min.js and merge them into files-merged.min.js.

I have found several open source msbuild projects but with no documentation on how to use them!

I am using Visual Studio 2010, is this something Ajax Minifier can do, if not do you have any tips on how to do it?

I want this to be an automated process, something done each time I build the solution.

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You can find the answer here: – Aleksandar Vucetic Jul 10 '10 at 11:25

I did it by following this article:

I would prefer not to use the JSMin tool as I already have AJAX Minifier so I use JSMin just to merge the files. Can Minifier handle the merging of files?

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+1 for the link. – morpheus May 3 '13 at 0:45
C:\Progra~1\Microsoft\Micros~1\AjaxMin.exe js1.js js2.js -o jscombine.js -clobber
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