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I was thinking that Ajax spinners are really great but the image spinning is actually shown with some delay OR is loaded too early, I thought maybe I could use these old school characters to provide more accurate ajax activity feedback.
|, /, —, \

lets say the target paragraph is called <p id="target"></p> How can I interchange these characters in that paragraph without it being too resource intensive, I have JQuery already loaded in the project.

Thanks so much guys!

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I see you already have an answer, but I thought I'd add that I wrote a plugin that can animate bullets: wowmotty.blogspot.com/2010/06/dynamic-progress-indicator.html – Mottie Jul 10 '10 at 13:53
that is brilliant !!! – Mohammad Jul 10 '10 at 15:15
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From the very page:

  • No images, no external CSS
  • No dependencies (jQuery is supported, but not required)
  • Highly configurable
  • Resolution independent
  • Uses VML as fallback in old IEs
  • Uses @keyframe animations, falling back to setTimeout()
  • Works in all major browsers, including IE6
  • MIT License


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This allows you to have event multiple loading indicators in the same time. Just store them in a variable and call stop() when they are no longer needed.

[See it in action]

function loader(el, delay) {
  if (typeof el === "string")
    el = document.getElementById(el);
  if (!el) 
  delay = delay || 100;
  var chars = "|/-\\".split("");
  var i = 0;
  var timer = setInterval(function(){
    el.innerHTML = chars[ i++ % chars.length ];
  }, delay);
  // public method to stop the animation
  this.stop = function() {

// make a new loader and start animation
var ld1 = new loader("loader"); // or loader($("#loader")[0]); 

// content is loaded stop animation
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Maybe something like:

function change(areDoneYet) {
    var realFun = (function(doneYet) {
        var chars = "|/-\\";
        var el = $('#target'); // I think that's the JQuery way
        var current = el.innerHTML;
        var changeTo = "";

        if (current == "") changeTo = chars.charAt(0);
            changeTo = chars.charAt(chars.indexOf(current) % chars.length);

        el.innerHTML = changeTo;

        if (!areDoneYet())
            setTimeout(realFun, 100, doneYet);
    if (!areDoneYet())
       setTimeout(realFun, 100, areDoneYet);

Meh. It's a bit inelegant. It takes a callback which returns whether it should stop.

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Mohammad - loading the image in a 'hidden' div would resolve the delay on loading the image. however, i guess your question is more a curiousity about alternatives to an image, rather than resolving the delay per se..

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true true haha, i actually thought of the hidden solution last night, but i forgot about it this morning. I'm still looking at this option since it could possibly allow a corollary between spinner speed and results. – Mohammad Jul 10 '10 at 12:02


var str = '|/—\\';    
var target = $('#target');
var x = 0;
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