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I'm trying to test the constraints of my User domain class

class UserTests extends GrailsUnitTestCase {

    protected void setUp() {

    void testEmailConstraint() {

        // Test e-mail validation
        def user = new User(userRealName: 'bob', passwd: 'foo')

        // Check null not allowed
        saveAndVerifyError user, 'email', 'nullable'       

    private void saveAndVerifyError(User user, String field, String constraintName) {

        assertFalse user.validate()
        assertEquals constraintName, user.errors[field]

I got the information about how to do this on this webpage, but when I run this test I get the following exception

at grails.test.MockUtils$_addValidateMethod_closure83.doCall(MockUtils.groovy:973)
at grails.test.MockUtils$_addValidateMethod_closure84.doCall(MockUtils.groovy:1014)
at com.mycompany.security.UserTests.saveAndVerifyError(UserTests.groovy:31)
at com.mycompany.security.UserTests.this$6$saveAndVerifyError(UserTests.groovy)
at com.mycompany.security.UserTests$this$6$saveAndVerifyError.callCurrent(Unknown Source)
at com.mycompany.security.UserTests.testEmailConstraint(UserTests.groovy:18)
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It turns out this is a bug in Grails 1.3.3. The following changes workaround this problem

protected void setUp() {
    PluginManagerHolder.pluginManager = [hasGrailsPlugin: {String name -> true }] as GrailsPluginManager

protected void tearDown() {
    PluginManagerHolder.pluginManager = null
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