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I am using sqlplus on a windows environment. At the moment i run sqlplus from a specific directory. I have several scripts that are in several places on my machine. Here are example commands i use within sqlplus to execute some of these scripts.

sqlplus> @../../scripts/oracle/viewdbajobs.sql
sqlplus> @../../../../../devhome/admin/scripts/listinactiveusers.sql
sqlplus> @../../../../../../../web/app/testscript.sql

its quite annoying to have to type all that just to access a directory. I am thinking if i can configure several environment variable for each location i can then do something like this

sqlplus> @$ORACLE_SCRIPTS/viewdbajobs.sql
sqlplus> @$DEVHOME_SCRIPTS/listinactiveusers.sql
sqlplus> @$WEB_HOME/testscripts.sql

Is the above possible? If not, is there a better alternative approach?


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ok ive found out that this actually works.

sqlplus @%DEV_HOME%/test.sql


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