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Does anyone have experience bundling a datasource (-ds.xml) definition + login-config.xml as a service archive in jboss? I've been fighting with this for awhile to no avail. I'm just looking for some pointers on how I should be laying the .sar out. I want the .sar to ultimately live in a .ear. Any pointers greatly appreciated!

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This is relatively straightforward task.

Your EAR file needs to have following layout:

	   |+ applications.xml and jboss-app.xml
	|+ myapp.war
	|+ myapp.jar
	|+ lib
	|+ my-ds.xml
	|+ my-login-module-service.xml

where my-ds.xml contains datasource definition as usual. my-login-module-service.xml defines MBean based on the DynamicLoginConfig class. These modules are then referenced within jboss-app.xml (custom JBoss deployment descriptor) as demostrated here:



Easiest way how to create Login Module definition is to use support for embedded XML documents as attributes values. Such a config (my-login-module-service.xml) will looks like this:

    <mbean code=""
    	<attribute name="PolicyConfig" serialDataType="jbxb">
    	<jaas:policy xsi:schemaLocation="urn:jboss:security-config:4.1 resource:security-config_4_1.xsd" xmlns:jaas="urn:jboss:security-config:4.1" xmlns:xsi="">
    	<jaas:application-policy name="userinrole">
    			<jaas:login-module code="" flag="required">
    			<jaas:module-option name="my-policy-123">
    			<ur:users xsi:schemaLocation="urn:jboss:user-roles:1.0 resource:user-roles_1_0.xsd" xmlns:ur="urn:jboss:user-roles:1.0">
    				<ur:user name="admin" password="admin123">
    					<ur:role name="MyUserRole"></ur:role>
    					<ur:role name="AdminUser"></ur:role
    			<jaas:module-option name="unauthenticatedIdentity">guest</jaas:module-option>
    	<depends optional-attribute-name="LoginConfigService"></depends>
    	<depends optional-attribute-name="SecurityManagerService"></depends>

You can verify successful deployment using JNDIVIew bean (java:/jaas/my-policy-123 in this example).

For deployment including custom classes it's better to choose SAR archive deployment together with custom code. In such a case you can separate MBean definition and Login Module config (META-INF/jboss-service.xml) :

<mbean code="" name="jboss:service=DynamicLoginConfig">
    <attribute name="AuthConfig">META-INF/login-config.xml</attribute>
    <depends optional-attribute-name="LoginConfigService"></depends>
    <depends optional-attribute-name="SecurityManagerService"></depends>

META-INF/login-config.xml will then contain your policy configuration.

I'm using this approach on JBoss AS 4.x.

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