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I have a legacy .NET site that has been around since the 1.1 days. As I've upgraded my VS, I've upgraded the target framework as well. Currently the site is running 3.5. I just got VS10 and it is asking me to upgrade the site to 4.0. However, my (shared) server is still running 3.5 and I can't upgrade it. Is it safe to upgrade the site to 4.0 while the server running it is 3.5?

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No, I wouldn't think so. All of your basic assembly information in your web.config will be changed to target the versions of dll's and not the versions. As a result, you will generate a lot of missing assembly error messages. PS - VS2010 should only prompt you once...

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No its not safe for you to upgrade, your website wont run.

When i upgraded to VS10 i forgot to upgrade my server. It was showing errors about the unknown tags VS10 adds during the upgrade process, which i imagine is just the start.

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