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I'd like to change text size for some page part, e.g. for verbatim block:

   <how to set font size here to 10 px ? />


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Should this be migrated to the Tex Stackexchange? –  hlin117 Aug 7 at 20:19
@hlin117: questions older than 60 days cannot be migrated –  Jaroslaw Waliszko Aug 7 at 20:43

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        % how to set font size here to 10 px ?  
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The first parameter to fontsize is the font size to switch to and the second is the line spacing to use –  Rose Perrone Feb 20 at 19:00


   <how to set font size here to 10 px ? />

\Large can be obviously substituted by one of:


If you need arbitrary font sizes:

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Is there a way to provide exact size ? –  Jaroslaw Waliszko Jul 10 '10 at 18:30
Keep in mind that this goes against the spirit of LaTeX. Why do you want an exact size, anyway? –  Arafangion Jul 13 '10 at 10:46


use \alltt environment instead. Then set size using the same commands as outside verbatim environment.

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For verbatim, with \usepackage{fancyvrb}, you can do something like this:

   print "Hello, World"
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