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First things first. I know how to parse XML/HTML with simplexml, and I know all the arguments against using RegEx to parse it. This question is for the sake of knowledge.

What needs to happen

In a block of text let's say we have the following line of text:

The query you need to use is 
<code>SELECT `post_name` FROM table WHERE id= $id</code> 
where `$id` is the `user_ID` we got earlier.

How do you match the following:


without also matching



This needs to be a regex-only solution. I understand and know how to use things like preg_replace_callback etc to remove <code> blocks from the string first, but I'm looking for a regex-only solution. Also, it needs to be able to handle possible attributes like<code lang="php">.

The regex needs to match pairs of backticks that are not between <code> and </code> and the matches may not contain either <code> or </code> to handle lone backticks in other contexts.

The content in the backticks will never be multi-lined.


I'm working on a personal project where this was a possible edge-case. This is not a mark-down type project where it is possible to change the order of the calls. The <code> tags are in the source text and not going anywhere.

Also, part of the reason I don't want "use simpleXML" answers is because the backticks are not inside actual <code> blocks. It is just a handy way to explain the problem and the solution for <code> blocks will work with slight changes.

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"Also, part of the reason I don't want "use simpleXML" answers is because the backticks are not inside actual <code> blocks." - a DOM parser will treat those as text nodes, and you can enumerate through them and do your regexing. –  meder Jul 10 '10 at 20:02
No DOM parsers of any kind. <code> could just as well be plain-text like happy and </code> could be sad. The only thing you know is what the start and the end "tags" are, and that they are not the same. –  Aaron Harun Jul 10 '10 at 20:08
Could there be unmatched, overlapping or nested <code> tags, <code> tags that are in backticks, comments, strings, or sections that should be ignored, or any other special cases that we should be aware of? –  Mark Byers Jul 10 '10 at 20:15
For the purpose of the question, I'll say it's a magical land where everything is ideal. The only special case it shouldn't match is if a backtick pair contains <code> or </code> because it means there is an offset problem. –  Aaron Harun Jul 10 '10 at 20:27

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I don't think regular expressions are a good tool for this, but it can be done if you assume that the code tags aren't nested:


This means:

`(?:(?!</?code>)[^`])*`       : Match something in backticks unless it
                                contains <code> or </code> or a backtick...
(?!(?:(?!<code>).)*</code>)   : unless it is followed by a </code>
                                without a <code> first.

See the regular expression in action at rubular.

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Perfect. The only change I would make is to replace . with [\s\S] to handle multi-line <code> blocks. I know they aren't the best tool, but I was curious to see how it would be done. No worries, it won't be popping up in a project. =) –  Aaron Harun Jul 10 '10 at 20:45
Instead of using [\s\S] you could simply set the s modifier (PCRE_DOTALL) –  NikiC Jul 11 '10 at 8:44

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