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Is it possible to map your routes inside of Controllers? I prefer having my routes defined near my controller actions.

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If your motivation is to co-locate routing rules with associated controller actions then I don't believe that is possible in Rails. The controller actions are executed post-routing so the ability to direct any routing behavior (such as it is) in the controller layer is limited to redirect_to which is just syntactic sugar for HTTP's "302 moved". Hardly a satisfactory routing strategy.

Rack middleware (within Rails) or the Sinatra framework more tightly couples routing and actions in code. Perhaps this is what you're looking for?

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Please hve a look my code . First dont define anything about your controller in rount.rb .

Then if your enter in browser "http://localhost:3000/users/my_action" .

Then write a following code in your controller .

Class UsersController < ....

def my_action

if request.get? somrthing your code ...... end

if something your code ...... end



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