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I am looking for an example that renders an interactive earth similar to the one in the Smule products.

Any help will be great even if it is just part of the solution.

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Someone just pointed me to this question. I have one!

It's called WhirlyGlobe and it's built specifically for this purpose. Runs on ios, uses a combo of Objective-C and C++ and is very Cocoa Touch friendly. Uses delegates for camera motion, multithreaded, all that good stuff.

Oh, and it's freely available under the Apache2 license.

Details can be found here: http://mousebird.github.io/WhirlyGlobe/

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If you prefixed http://, it would make that URL clickable like this: mousebirdconsulting.com/whirlyglobe :p –  P i Nov 14 '11 at 10:54
the link is dead :( For anyone who is looking for it: github.com/mousebird/WhirlyGlobe –  vir us Feb 18 at 21:43

I can't offer any samples, but Dragon Forged Software sells a prepackaged OpenGL ES Globe for the iPhone. http://dragonforged.com/consult.shtml

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A company name Clever Coding offers a opengl implementation of a 3D globe for sale at http://www.clevercoding.com/iPhone3Dglobe.php

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Here is one I found on github: https://github.com/RossAnderson/EarthView

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