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I installed the Amazon Associates Link Enhancer on my website so that when users hover links on my site it pops up a preview from amazon...

unfortunately this no longer seems to be working. I am now getting the error

jQuery(link).amazonPopoverTrigger is not a function

I thought it was because I replaced my comments with Disqus but when I disabled it I still have that error.

This is wordpress 2.9 I think, I haven't yet upgraded to 3.0

Has anyone experience this:

here is the link so you can see the error for yourself:

the song titles should popup the amazon hover...

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I'm not using wordpress, but I was getting this error because Amazon's script includes it's own jQuery which conflicts with the one I include.

To resolve this I used jQuery's noConflict method to clear my use of the namespace:

... amazon's script here ...
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wow this totally did it, thank you! – SelAromDotNet Dec 16 '10 at 16:28

I ended up just changing to a different theme. This appears to have fixed the problem...

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