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I have a table of answers to questions:

table questionAnswers:
    user VARCHAR
    question VARCHAR
    answerValue VARCHAR

Important: Users can post multiple answers to questions

I want to collect how many questions a user has answered into a table:

table users
    user VARCHAR
    questionsAnswered INT

Important: Has to ignore multiple answers to the same question

Is there a single query that can automatically update the questionsAnswered column in the users table?

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UPDATE users AS u 
SET questionsAnswered = (
    FROM questionAnswers AS q 
    WHERE q.user=u.user)

This assumes that all the users in questionsAnswered already have an entry in users. (This will update users, but it won't insert any new rows.)

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Phew, thanks! Last-minute save there. –  Ender Jul 11 '10 at 3:54
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