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I have been playing with Solex, http://solex.sourceforge.net/ ... quite a cool Eclipse plugin that allows you to record and playback HTTP traffic, make assertions, request-time header mods based on variables pulled from prior requests (via regexp, XPath).

All in all, quite impressed; However, I can not see any method for runtime mutation of a URL (as opposed to a GET or POST argument). A limitation as all my URLs are pretty.

Been Google-ing but came up dry on alternatives. Do you guys know any similar systems for Eclipse/Linux? Ideally with a similar 'find X in request n use in request n+1 for uids and the such.


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Nobody mentioned Selenium RC and Selenium IDE ... shame. Now I have to answer my own question.


  1. http://seleniumhq.org/
  2. http://cubictest.openqa.org/
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