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It'd be awesome if I could get something like the below.

Pseudo Code:

U = widget1.SettingsGet()
Print U 

Upon printing U something like this would be returned:

widget1(background='green',foreground='grey',boarderwidth=10, relief='flat')

It would be really useful to be able to get a widgets settings. So that I can manipulate other widgets accordingly.

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Why you need all the setting at once in a single dictionary, anyway you will have to access a specific setting from that settings dictionary, so instead just use cget method to get values e.g.

from Tkinter import *

root = Tk()

w = Label(root, text="Hello, world!")
print w.cget('text')

It will print

Hello, world!

If you want to know all the available options, widget.config contains the config and from that if you wish you can create all or a subset of settings which you may need e.g.

import pprint
from Tkinter import *

root = Tk()
w = Label(root, text="Hello, world!")


{'activebackground': ('activebackground',
                      <border object at 00C665D0>,
 'activeforeground': ('activeforeground',
                      <color object at 00C66C48>,
 'anchor': ('anchor',
            <index object at 00C66588>,
 'background': ('background',
                <border object at 0119A3E0>,
 'bd': ('bd', '-borderwidth'),
 'bg': ('bg', '-background'),
 'bitmap': ('bitmap', 'bitmap', 'Bitmap', '', ''),
 'borderwidth': ('borderwidth',
                 <pixel object at 0119A0F8>,
                 <pixel object at 0119A0F8>),
 'compound': ('compound',
              <index object at 011A90D8>,
 'cursor': ('cursor', 'cursor', 'Cursor', '', ''),
 'disabledforeground': ('disabledforeground',
                        <color object at 011A5DB0>,
 'fg': ('fg', '-foreground'),
 'font': ('font',
          <font object at 011A5E40>,
          (('MS', 'Sans', 'Serif'), '8')),
 'foreground': ('foreground',
                <color object at 011A5F48>,
 'height': ('height', 'height', 'Height', 0, 0),
 'highlightbackground': ('highlightbackground',
                         <border object at 011A5EE8>,
 'highlightcolor': ('highlightcolor',
                    <color object at 011A5F78>,
 'highlightthickness': ('highlightthickness',
                        <pixel object at 011A5FA8>,
                        <pixel object at 011A5FA8>),
 'image': ('image', 'image', 'Image', '', ''),
 'justify': ('justify',
             <index object at 011A5F30>,
 'padx': ('padx',
          <pixel object at 011A5FC0>,
          <pixel object at 011A5FC0>),
 'pady': ('pady',
          <pixel object at 011A5FD8>,
          <pixel object at 011A5FD8>),
 'relief': ('relief', 'relief', 'Relief', <index object at 011A5FF0>, 'flat'),
 'state': ('state', 'state', 'State', <index object at 011A5EA0>, 'normal'),
 'takefocus': ('takefocus', 'takeFocus', 'TakeFocus', '0', '0'),
 'text': ('text', 'text', 'Text', '', ('Hello,', 'world!')),
 'textvariable': ('textvariable', 'textVariable', 'Variable', '', ''),
 'underline': ('underline', 'underline', 'Underline', -1, -1),
 'width': ('width', 'width', 'Width', 0, 0),
 'wraplength': ('wraplength',
                <pixel object at 00C50908>,
                <pixel object at 00C50908>)}
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That was exactly what I needed, thanks! –  rectangletangle Jul 11 '10 at 7:04

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