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I am new to WCF so can any one explain what is the use of using the attributes in

Service contract attributes like:

  • Namespace
  • ConfigurationName
  • Name
  • CallBackContract
  • HasProtectionLevel
  • Session Mode
  • Protection Level

Operation contract attributes like:

  • Action
  • ReplyAction
  • AsyncOperation
  • IsOneWay
  • IsTerminating

Data contract attributes:

  • IsRequired
  • EmitDefaultValue
  • Order

Can anyone please help me learn more about these attributes.


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I would encourage you to first check the Microsoft webcasts on WCF and get a good overview, a good listing of them can be found here: microsoft.com/events/series/… –  slugster Jul 11 '10 at 7:18

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The online MSDN documentation is your first source for things like that:

  • Read about the ServiceContractAttribute here
  • Read about the OperationContractAttribute here
  • Read about the DataContractAttribute here

All the MSDN documentation pages contain detailed explanations of all the settings on those contract attributes.

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