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I am beginner of Qt Creator. I'm using resharper for visual studio 2005-2008 and it is very very good. Is there any tool like resharper for Qt?

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The bad news: no, there is no equivalent tool like ReSharper for Qt Creator.

The goods news: there is an excellent Qt Eclipse plugin and Eclipse offers a lot more functionality than Qt Creator.

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As of today (May 2012), is this still a valid answer or did something come up? – Horst Walter May 28 '12 at 9:06
Now in October 2013, we can nearly say yes: link – Wayne Nov 5 '13 at 12:26
The question shouldn't be is there a Resharper for Qt as Qt is a library for C++. There is now a beautiful C++ version of Resharper link which I've recently purchase and love. It's also included in the Ultimate Resharper 9 bundle. – Stephen York May 5 '15 at 22:30

I have just started back into the C++/Qt environment. Looks like the folks over at JetBrains are testing internal builds of Resharper 8 with c++ support.

You can submit your C++ requirements here:

Full Blog Post

June 26th, 2013 by Jura Gorohovsky

You already know that we have been working on ReSharper 8 for quite a while, improving navigation, extending the scope of XAML support and introducing a project dependency viewer, among a plethora of other improvements.

We’re setting our sights beyond the immediate 8.0 release though: for several months now, a part of the team has been working on something entirely new yet requested for a couple of years already: support for C++ in Visual Studio.

This is a part of a wider plan to make C++ a first-class citizen of JetBrains tools, along with the intent to come up with a cross-platform C++ IDE announced earlier this year.

C++ is a very powerful and flexible language that has never really went away despite the rise and fame of its inheritors such as C# and Java: there’s a lot of code being written today in C++ and will continue this way for years to come. At JetBrains we feel that many developers using C++ could benefit from some of the tooling that we provide for other languages.

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