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I have made several test orders and they are tracked successfully by Google Analytics Ecommerce. For now, I want to remove one of the orders and I take the advice from , here's the snippet I composed , I saved it in a .html file and opened it with Firefox, waited for more than 24 hours, and I found the transaction is still there, it's not been removed, any idea? Thanks a lot.

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To reverse an order or transaction, you will create and load a duplicate receipt page that contains negative values for transaction total, tax, shipping, and item quantity.

<script type="text/javascript">
_gas.create(['UA-XXXXX-X', 't1']);

    '1234', // order ID - required
    'Store name', // store / affiliate name
    '-28.28', // price without TAXes and shipping - required
    '-1.29', // TAX
    '-15.00', // shipping
    'Carlisle', // city
    'Cumbria', // state
    'UK' // country

    '1234', // order ID - for association with order - required
    'DD44', // SKU/code - required
    'Teddy bear', // product name
    'Pink', // category / variant
    '28.28', // unit price - required
    '-1' // amount - required


See Reverse an Ecommerce transaction and Remove e-commerce transactions from Google Analytics

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Reread carefully the article from, and you'll find the following note:

Note that you will still be able to see the actual transaction and the duplicate negative transaction when you select the day on which these transactions were recorded. However, when you select a date range that includes both the original and the negative transaction, the transaction will not be shown in the report. The negative item quantity should result in the same effect in the products reports.

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@codesnake, the problem is I can not see the duplicate negative transaction from the report, I can only see the initial positive one – leomayleomay Jul 11 '10 at 23:18
the link is dead now, the alternative answer is… , but the note quoted has been removed – Open SEO Dec 21 '12 at 10:21

Very late to the question, but....

I was looking for to do the same thing and just found this post, so I have nothing original to offer. However, as to why the negative transaction is not showing up in GA, perhaps you have a filter that is ignoring your machine? For example, my home IP address is ignored by GA so the above gist presumably wouldn't work for me either, unless I left the house.

A long shot, but a possibility.

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