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i have two frames in one html page, which display correctly in chrome browser.but when i tried in IE7 it just looks very strange,its height is not 100% any more !the below is the code .

<iframe src ="demoFramesetLeftFrame.jsp" name="treeframe" id="treeframe" height="100%" width="200px" frameborder="0">
<iframe src="" name="basefrm" id="basefrm" height="100%" width="" frameborder="0">

i can't see any error in the code.does anyone knows what is the problem? thanks a million !

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Do you have an appropriate DOCTYPE? –  w3d Jul 11 '10 at 13:21

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Try with this rule defined in your CSS

html,body { width:100%; height:100%; padding:0; margin:0 }
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it seems do not work, i try again but it still displays different height in different browser. –  黄小立 Aug 9 '10 at 6:34
this is the css code below: #treeframe{ width:200px; height:100%; padding:0; margin:0; frameborder:0 } #middle{ width:30px; height:100%; padding:0; margin:0; frameborder:0 } #basefrm{ width:0px; height:100%; padding:0; margin:0; frameborder:0 } –  黄小立 Aug 9 '10 at 7:49
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pls check http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3438409/height100-do-not-work.the core idea is the you must have father container.

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