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I am a beginner of R. I want to create a 3 dimensional array but I can not define the length of each dimension. I am analysing students' marks in a class. There are 10 classes but it has a different number of students. And "Grade" will be 100-90, 89-80, 79-70... until there will be any student who got the relevant marks. I was going to use a couple of for-loops with the multiple array. If I create a 3 dim array,

arr<-array(data, dim=c(??,??,??)), dimnames= list("class","grade","average Marks") )
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Can you clarify why you want this as three dimensional data? How is grade and average marks different dimensions, when it's based on the same data? –  Guffa Jul 11 '10 at 14:11
this is how the data like: class= 1:10 Class 1/Student marks: 89, 87, 90, 95, 76, 78, 45, 65, 88, 95, 56, 34, 93, 92,100, .. I wanted to know first: how many students are in each "Grade" group and Second: the average marks of each group in each class. So I was going to use 3 dimemsional including "Grade" then the results will have arr[class, grade, avr]. They will be linked each other. For example class 1-> grade 90~100-> some value, class1->grade 80~89->some value... and Class 2-> grade 90~100->some value.. –  grace Jul 11 '10 at 15:12

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You really do not want to use a matrix for this. A dataframe allows you to have a mixture of data types.

clasIDs <- c("Firsthour", "Secondhour", "Thirdhour")
class.size <-c(3, 5, 2)  # small sizes for illustration
cls.frame <- data.frame(clasID=rep(clasIDs, class.size), 
                      student.ID = unlist(sapply(class.size, function(x) seq(from=1, to=x))),
                      grade=factor(rep(NA,10) , levels=c("100-90", "89-80", "79-70")) )

> cls.frame
       clasID student.ID grade
1   Firsthour          1  <NA>
2   Firsthour          2  <NA>
3   Firsthour          3  <NA>
4  Secondhour          1  <NA>
5  Secondhour          2  <NA>
6  Secondhour          3  <NA>
7  Secondhour          4  <NA>
8  Secondhour          5  <NA>
9   Thirdhour          1  <NA>
10  Thirdhour          2  <NA>
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You can't.

Array are of fixed dimensions. You could use the maximum along each dimension and allocate that along with NA to fill in.

Lists are the alternative for varying lengths, and even different component types.

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ah..yes, I think I've read something like 'fixed'dimension on array.. thank you. –  grace Jul 11 '10 at 15:10

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