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I'm finding some weird leaks when running my app in the device with release configuration. But if I run the same app in the device but with debug configuration the leaks are gone. I haven't changed anything in the debug or release configuration files. The debug and release configuration are as they come from the template... Is this normal?

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I assume you're using Leaks to detect them? What does it say is leaking, and how much memory? Leaks can misreport. Look at the object allocation and tell us if it is growing substantially during the test run; can you see which objects are not being deallocated from Instruments? –  Rab Jul 11 '10 at 17:01
Yes, I'm using leaks. As far I can see, the leaks are not growing in time. Are mostly when I load the first time a view. For instance I have a tableview that is loaded programatically and the tableview.dataSource = self is causing a leak of 16 bytes (it says -[UITableView setDataSource:] ). Thanks for the help Rab. –  Rafael Jul 11 '10 at 17:39
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