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I hope you'll able to help me. I'm fed up of trying things without any solution and php it's just driving me crazy. I'm looking for help because I have a html document where I use ajax thanks to jquery api. Inside this file, in a js function I have:

$.ajax({ type: "GET", url: "c.php", data: "dia="+matriz[0]+"&mes="+matriz[1]+"&ano="+matriz[2]+"&diaa="+matriz2[0]+"&mess="+matriz2[1]+"&anoo="+matriz2[2]+"&modo=0&semana=0", success: Mundo, error: function(e){ alert('Error: ' + e); } });

This code allows me to send the information that I want to the file c.php where I have:

include('funciones.php'); include('config.php');

 $mierda = array();
 $mierda[0] = $_GET['modo']; 
 $mierda[1] = $_GET['dia']; 
 $mierda[2] = $_GET['mes']; 
 $mierda[3] = $_GET['ano']; 
 $mierda[4] = $_GET['diaa']; 
 $mierda[5] = $_GET['mess']; 
 $mierda[6] = $_GET['anoo']; 
 $mierda[7] = $_GET['semana'];   

As you see it's very simple. My crazy problem is that with firebug I've seen that the data is sent well but for some reason I can't use it. I have tried with $_Get, $_post and $_request and always is the same problem. But this can be stranger... If I put:

echo json_encode($mierda);

then miraculously, the php returns the data that I have passed so in conclusion I have:

  1. I can send the data to the php file well
  2. I can print all the data that I have sent well just accessing yo $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST
  3. I can't use any value separatly like $_GET['dia']

What's going wrong there?

PS. The include php files are functions that access to my database so there's no interaction with them.

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Should use POST instead of GET, unless you want IE to cache the results. –  dmp Jul 11 '10 at 15:32

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Your data is not URL-encoded. Try do something like this,

$.ajax({ type: "GET", 
         url: "c.php", 
         data: {"dia":matriz[0], "mes":matriz[1] ....},    
         success: Mundo, 
         error: function(e){ alert('Error: ' + e); } 
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If you are returning a json value use json to read that.

See http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.getJSON/


Here is an example to read json value

        $.post('your_php_page.php', {employee_id: '456'},
            }, 'json');

Hope it helps

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You have a crazy problem. According to your question:

$mierda = array();
$mierda[0] = $_GET['dia']; //... and so on
echo json_encode($mierda);

works while:

echo $_GET['dia'];

doesnt. Try:

$mierda = array();
$mierda[0] = $_GET['dia'];
echo $mierda[0];

echo $_GET['dia'];

It will show you whether the problem is in the PHP, or the javascript.

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I have encoded the data as ZZColer said and the error is still.

Starx, it's not a question of the returning.

digitalFresh, in fact the error is from PHP because I can copy $_POST, $_GET array to a new array and print all this information but if I put after all things like:

If( mierda[0] == 0) {... The element is empty! and if I try directly $_GET['dia'] it says that this element doesn't exist in the array. Also I have tried $_GET[dia] or $_GET[0] without a solution.


I don't know how but PROBLEM SOLUTIONED!

Thanks to all!

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