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I have a standard php app that uses SQL Server as the back-end database. There is a serious delay in response for each page I access. This is my development server, so its not an issue with the live setup, but it is really annoying for working on the system.

I have a 5 - 8 second delay on each page.

  • I am running SqlServer 2000 Developer Edition on a Virtual Machine (Virtual PC).
  • I have installed SqlServer on my development machine but get the same delay.
  • I have isolated the issue to the call to mssql_connect (calling mssql_pconnect has no effect)

  • It is a networking issue on how I have set up (or not set up, since I didn't really change default config) SQL server. It's not a strictly a programming issue but I thought I might get some valuable feedback here.

Can anyone tell me if there is a trick, specific set of protocols, registry setting, something that will kill this delay?

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What is the host OS? How are you referencing the DB server in the connection call? – George Marian Jul 11 '10 at 15:56
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I came across network issues when running virtual pc, everything network related is slow, try adding this entry on your registry:


  • Create new DWORD value named DisableTaskOffload and set its value to 1.

  • Restart the computer.

It worked for me, source.

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Thanks, but doesn't seem to have made any difference. – Toby Allen Jul 11 '10 at 15:55
You could try to test out if anything else network related is slow, try transferring a file, if it goes slow then it's virtual pc related, for me, i migrated to virtualbox. – Rodrigo Jul 11 '10 at 16:11

Is it perhaps a DNS issue? I know that MySQL does a reverse DNS lookup on each login (not each connection). If you don't have a reverse dns record for your server (or your dns is slow) it can cause a major delay at login. There's an option in MySQL to disable that. I'm not sure about SQL Server, but I'd assume it may be doing something similar...

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I remember the same problem, but forgot, how we have solve it.

To clarify please specify exact connect strings, your SQLserver versions and also try to start this old good utility c:\WINDOWS\system32\cliconfg.exe, which is also can bring some light.

Yes, I know, it's from 2k, but guys at m$ don't like to create client tools from scratch.

Also try to get "right" mssql client dlls for PHP.

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I was also experiencing a 5-10 second delay on every connect, using the official Microsoft SQL drivers for PHP (as suggested by @gaRex) - none of the answers posted here solved it for me.

As suggested by @ircmaxell, my problem was a DNS issue - and the solution was to edit the \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file (your local local host file) and add the name of my own machine to it.

In the "system properties" dialog, find the "computer name" of your machine - then add a line like my-computer to your local host file.

For me, the delay occurred once more, on the following attempt to load the page - after that, it was super fast, no delay at all.

Note that this problem may occur even on a physical machine, not only on a VM.

Hope this helps someone else.

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