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Hey, I'm very new and im pretty confused.

I have 3 tabs, using my tab navigation template.

News Tab - > RssFunController(view) MAP - > SecondView Podcast -> ThirdView

Ok my question is , I want to display a simply table with items in SecondView, I have created a NSMutableArray *listOfItems; in file RootViewController.h

And in RootViewController.m I have sent up my view table details etc.

My problem is how do I set up my SecondView.xib tree to show my table with the items?

Im confused how i connect my data source and various things.

THANKS! :) , I hope you can help me.

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I have found a similar question stackoverflow.com/questions/2261263/… But they dont explain the connections I need to do in detail. I tired connecting my table view (source) to my File owner which is set to RootViewController class. Does not work. This is soooooo annoying :) , oh how I miss Java :) –  Morry Jul 11 '10 at 16:15

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