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Is it possible to use JSP sort of as a template without having code inside?

Values should be inserted into a hash map, and the JSP can read the values from there.

Is it possible to code like this in a GAE application, or do you need external tools/frameworks to accomplish this?

In other words, is it possible to pass values from the servlet handler to the JSP template?

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Next to JSP there's also the Servlet API.

If the map is request or session specific, then create a class which extends HttpServlet and implement doGet() method like follows:

Map<K, V> map = createItSomehow();
request.setAttribute("map", map);
request.getRequestDispatcher("/WEB-INF/page.jsp").forward(request, response);

Register the Servlet in web.xml on a certain url-pattern and invoke an URL matching this pattern.

This way the map is available as ${map} in JSP. Here's an example which iterates over the map using JSTL c:forEach tag:

<c:forEach items="${map}" var="entry">
    Key: ${entry.key}, Value: ${entry.value}<br>

If the map is an application wide constant, then rather implement ServletContextListener and do the following in contextInitialized() method:

Map<K, V> map = createItSomehow();
event.getServletContext().setAttribute("map", map);

Register the ServletContextListener in web.xml as follows:


and it will be executed on webapp's startup. The map is then available in JSP by ${map} as well.

See also:

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