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I am building a database of products and manufacturers. I already have the database layout done. I am looking for a simple CRUD class that will let me setup Manufacturers and Products and create the records quickly and easily. I have looked at ORM's but they all seem to be over kill for what I am looking for. Thanks

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Look into CakePHP. The code generation (or scaffolding) will get you a working CRUD interface in a few minutes.

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Even though I was trying to avoid a big framework CakePHP seems to have done the job. Thanks –  willlangford Jul 12 '10 at 16:23

Take a look at Grocery CRUD, it is easy to use, has nice views with call backs. Might fit your needs. Check it out at http://www.web-and-development.com/grocery_crud/

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I know this question is fairly old, but I came across this jQGrid + PHP component, and for straight out install-and-go simplicity, it's hard to beat.

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Hard to say with so few informations...

CouchDB + PHPillow if you don't neccessarily need SQL - works quite nice, Zend_DB + (Sqlite|MySql|Postgress) otherwise ...

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That even looks like over kill. I am really just looking for the form and queries to be generated. Or if someone has a good tutorial for an ORM I wouldn't mind learning just the documentation is a bit over my head from what I have found. –  willlangford Jul 11 '10 at 22:01

Try Symfony. It's got good performance. Both Symfony and Doctrine (ORM used) have really good documentation sites.


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