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I have a TextBox with a height=15 and width=50. I want the textbox to grow when the text size exceeds 50. I want to achieve this without using Width="Auto". Is there any way to achieve this? I tried TextWrapping = TextWrapping.Wrap without any success.

Appreciate your help!!

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Set the MinWidth=50

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Let's say your text box is inside a grid which has 2 columns


   //The first column is used for a label
  <ColumnDefinition Width="Auto"/>

//This column is used for your text box
 <ColumnDefinition Width="*"

  <Label Grid.Column="0"
  <TextBox Grid.Column="1"

and the height and width of your user control is set to


So whenever you place the user control on to other controls, it will have the minimum width of

25 + label width

. If you want to increase the width, you can set the width directly to your user control, and the Textbox will be stretched out.


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