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I need help in regards to updating a table rendered by jQuery data-tables plugin.

I have a view called Index.aspx in which I have a DIV, where the traditional table data is rendered. Something like:

<div id="students">
    <table ...>
           ... (all the rows are statically rendered to DOM)


Then, I initialize the datatable as:


The approach I have designed to use this along with CRUD operations is as follows:

All INSERT, UPDATE and REMOVE scenarios call an Action which returns a PartialView that updates the DIV.

However, even though I see the data is updated properly, I lose dataTable's functionalities like Paging, Sorting, etc. It doesn't even reflect the correct number of records in the datatable.

I understand this is happening because dataTable caches the data in its internal structure, so when I update the portion of the page using Ajax, dataTable is unaware of the data changes.

Has anyone come across this situation? What is a NICE and CLEAN approach to fix this problem?



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have you tried calling fnDraw after ajax?

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Try something like this in your code where you need to refresh your table:

oCache.iCacheLower = -1;
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