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Say I would like to do something like this, is it possible?

require 'json'

class Person
attr_accessor :fname, :lname

p = Person.new
p.fname = "Mike"
p.lname = "Smith"

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Try it. If you're using Ruby on Rails (and the tags say you are), I think this exact code should work already, without requiring anything.

Rails supports JSON output from controllers, so it already pulls in all of the JSON serialization code that you will ever need. If you're planning to output this data through a controller, you might be able to save time by just writing

render :json => @person
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What is Person has associations? –  Sash Dec 19 '13 at 13:27
This answer only applies to Rails projects. What about vanilla Ruby? –  cevaris Oct 19 '14 at 1:20
I'd say it doesn't even apply to Rails.. it only apply to the controller inside a rails app.. very limited scope. –  baash05 May 7 at 7:55

Yes you can do it with to_json. Ref to_json

You need not to require json but gem json should be installed.

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