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I need a step by step method because I have never used a server like this in Eclipse.

Do you have some installation tips and tutorial links for this kind of configuration?

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As mentioned in this old GlassFish FAQ:

What is the difference between SunOne, SJSAS, and GlassFish?

SunOne is an old branding which was replaced by Sun Java System some time ago.
Sun Java System Application Server is the supported version of GlassFish.
Specifically, SJSAS 9.0 PE and GlassFish v1 are the same bits (except for the installer). Similarly SJS AS 9.1 and GlassFish v2 will be the same.

(See also the SO question "eclipse for sun one server for debugging and running application")

So you could rather declare a GlassFish server in your Eclipse.
Actually, at, you have a link to download a Eclipse Galileo preconfigured with the GlassFish v3 Java EE 6 runtime.

From there, you can fond some tutorials (like this one) to configure your GlassFish server in Eclipse.

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