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Can I access the content of a DocuShare repository using the CMIS protocol?

CMIS is a recently-released standard to access ECM repositories. It is already usable with Alfresco and Nuxeo, and many other ECM vendors are implementing it, but I can't find any information for DocuShare.


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Apparently yes, Xerox DocuShare (at least 6.6.1) supports CMIS.

Reference: I have found this presentation file written by Xerox which contains this graph:

Xerox DocuShare CMIS

After talking with a DocuShare expert, it appears that Xerox Mobile Client for DocuShare is a CMIS client, so Mobile Client Connecter seems to be a DocuShare-to-CMIS gateway.

The CMIS URL has a pattern like this http://yourserver/<something>/ds_mobile_connector/atom, with notably the 2 following patterns seen in the wild:

  • http://yourserver/docushare/ds_mobile_connector/atom
  • http://yourserver/documents/ds_mobile_connector/atom

Apparently, the CMIS features:

  • does not exist in all versions of DocuShare (meaning not on old versions I guess),
  • is off by default and has to be enabled manually.
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