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This is a problem I'm sure is easy to fix, but I've been banging my head on it all day.

I'm developing a new web site for a client. The web site resides at (this is an example) I have a PHP form script to email visitors' requests to

When I coded this on a staging server on a different domain, all worked fine. When I moved it to, the mail messages never arrived. The web server is on a virtual host with a major ISP.

Here's what I've learned since then: My client's mail server is Microsoft Exchange on a box physically in their office. Whenever someone on the outside world emails, the mail arrives. But if the web server sends to the same email address, it fails every time. This is not a PHP problem. I secure shell in to the web server and have tested this both with sendmail and the UNIX mail application. I've also tested it by emailing various email accounts from the shell. I can email myself, for example, just nobody at the domain.

In short, when I'm logged in to, mail to,, all fail. All other addresses work fine. What I've discovered is those dropped emails are routed to the web server's "catchall" account where they sit in its inbox.

I've done an MX lookup on The MX record points to I can telnet to port 25 and see the SMTP server.

It appears to me that isn't doing an MX lookup when it's sending mail to My theory is that it recognizes the domain as local, sees that there's no "requests" user account to deliver it to, and drops the mail into the catchall account. What I want is to force sendmail to do the MX lookup and send the message on to the Exchange server. I'm at wit's end here. I can't figure out how to do this.

For that matter, I may be way off base here and have misdiagnosed this entirely. Internet mail and MX has always seemed a black art to me, and my ignorance is certainly showing in this question.

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Look at the discussion at…. The response from Pawel did it for me. – user1183341 Feb 1 '12 at 17:35
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I think the problem is that sendmail (your process) is talking to the local sendmail daemon. The local sendmail daemon thinks that because it is, it should know how to deliver the email. Unfortunately, the actual address in the to field does not exist on the web server and thus it dumps it in the "catchall" mail box. You should talk to your ISP and have them update their sendmail configuration so that mail addressed to gets forward to the mail exchanger instead of being handled locally.

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Sendmail by default guesses list of local email domains. It can be turned off using the following line in your file:


As root list local email domains before and after the change.

echo '$=w' | sendmail -Am -bt

You will see which domains should be added "manually" to (usually) /etc/mail/local-host-names file after disabling auto-guessing.

P.S. For sendmail question you may use news:comp.mail.sendmail

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tvanfosson basically has it, but as a temporary workaround, you should be able to change your script so that it mails '', and then the mail will get delivered to the actual mail server.

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Edit the file (in /etc/mail/ or similar) to include


between the DOMAIN() and MAILER() lines. Since you're editing the file, you may want to also improve security with


After changing the file (or any sendmail config file), restart or SIGHUP the sendmail process.

This change is necessary because the WWW and MX servers for the domain do not exist in the same process space; this FEATURE triggers sendmail to process messages for the domain using it's external delivery mechanism.

The edited portion of the file should look similar to this:

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What worked for me was to add an MX record on the webserver hosting the website, that points to the host assigned on the original domain name server. In the case presented here would be an mx record pointing to:

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I'm new here. Wanted to extend RB_CWI answer, but I am not allowed to comment. His solution worked great.

You are not required to define the DOMAIN().

However, on my system I was required to install the sendmail-cf package.

The instructions below were done on CentOS 6.5

First, install sendmail-cf

sudo yum install sendmail-cf

Then, edit the

sudo vi /etc/mail/

At the bottom of the file add FEATURE(relay_entire_domain)dnl, so it looks like:

MAILER(smtp)dnl        # right above this line
dnl MAILER(cyrusv2)dnl

Save the file, and restart sendmail.

sudo service sendmail restart
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