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Problem Description:

i have a directory with a set of files and these files name saved in table into database called "File_names" i want to make shell script that loop on the directory and each time search if that file name exist in the database or not ,then if no : insert that name into database . else do nothing.

My trail:

for f in  $FILES
 echo $f

But $f here contains the path + name i want to be the name only to do smthing like:

count = " select count(*) from File_names where name = $f"

How can i do this ?

Thanks in Advance

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And the DB is Oracle, SQL server...? –  jim mcnamara Jul 12 '10 at 13:59

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I don't find your question very clear; I'll answer the shell part of it as I understand it.

As far as I understand, you want to run a command on each file in a directory. But you're only interested in the base name of the file, i.e., without the directory part.

  • Alternative 1

    for f in /path/*; do
      echo "$(basename "$f")"
  • Alternative 2

    set -e
    cd /path
    for f in *; do
      echo "$f"

    set -e is so that the script stops if the cd command fails. It's usually a good idea to start shell scripts with set -e.

Be careful about quoting, in case the file names contain punctuation characters or spacing. This applies to both the shell part and the SQL part: the way you're constructing the query in your question is completely open to SQL injection (think what would happen if someone created a file called foo; DROP TABLE File_names).

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