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I want to develop a system that a Iphone application can access my database through the wcf service. I am new wcf services and i want to know which service should i make (rest or ?) and why and they communicate with each other?

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WCF Services are at heart SOAP Web Services. So you should be able to use an iPhone SOAP client library. See How to access SOAP services from iPhone.

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but what i think is that iphone sdk does not support SOAP messages. –  user389343 Jul 12 '10 at 11:42
Have a look at the link. It points you to code.google.com/p/wsdl2objc which creates Objective C code for calling a SOAP endpoint. –  Samuel Jack Jul 12 '10 at 12:00

I have had to make an app hit both a vanilla wcf and a wcf with rest support and the rest support is the way to go.

With rest, it was easier to just generate a standard web request in the app and get back XML that fed an NSXmlParser. There was no crazy soap request building. But then again, i didnt write the non-rest wcf service so maybe it just had configuration issues which made it more difficult.

The wcf rest service I wrote used the wcf rest starter kit from http://www.asp.net/downloads/starter-kits/wcf-rest

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