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I have an object which contains quite a few other objects in an IList called possible values. I have successfully used the mvccontrib grid plus paging before but would like to add the grid to the object’s page – hope you know what I mean. So I did something like this in my controller:

public ViewResult Bla(string Id, int? page)

ViewData["PossibleValues"] = XYZ.PossibleValues.AsPagination(page ?? 1, 10);

PossibleValues definitely contains data but not ViewData["PossibleValues"]. Is this because AsPagination relies on lazy loading or something? Thanks.


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would like to add the grid to the object’s page – hope you know what I mean - Umm, not quite sure what you mean. –  Darin Dimitrov Jul 12 '10 at 11:04
The object has a bunch of objects. i would like to show the object's details and its objects as grid in one page. I just tried ViewData["PossibleValues"] = XYZ.PossibleValues.ToList().AsQueryable().AsPagination(page ?? 1, 10) still no success. –  csetzkorn Jul 12 '10 at 11:19

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Just figured it out. Use in the controller:

ViewData["PossibleValues"] = XYZ.PossibleValues.ToList().AsQueryable().AsPagination(page ?? 1, 10);

Then in the view:

<%= Html.Grid(ViewData["PossibleValues"] as IEnumerable<FFFF>).Columns(column =>
                            column.For(gf => gf.Value).Named("Value");
                        }).Empty("Sorry no data.")%>
                       <%= Html.Pager((IPagination)(ViewData["PossibleValues"] as IEnumerable<FFFF>))%>
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