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I have a silverlight datagrid control and columns autogenerate property is set to false. I am using MVVM and wants to bind the columns collection.

The data which i get is from xml. Something similar to sample code

Now by passing the datagrid control from xmal file to the modelview I can get the expected behavior but with that way , i am adding columns in the datagrid control.

Is there any way, so that I can bind the columns collection with the datagrid control so that no need to pass the control to view model.


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Just a personal opinion, but IMVHO your viewmodel should not know about grid columns - it should just present a list of tabular data or objects, and it is up to the View to decide how to present it - the view should not be getting any column info from the viewmodel. – slugster Jul 12 '10 at 11:26

Sounds like a strange implementation of MVVM you have there. Your ViewModel should be completely independent of the View. If you want to create dynamic columns on the grid then why not expose a relevant property collection on the ViewModel, and iterate through it in a relevant method on the View code behind e.g.

//Used with an Infragistics XamWebGrid control
private void BuildGrid() {
    foreach (var dataItem in **ViewModel**.MyDataCollection)
        var myCol = new TemplateColumn
          HeaderText = dataItem.ItemNm,
          Key = dataItem.PrimaryKey


You really shouldn't be passing controls from the View over to the ViewModel. The ViewModel should have no knowledge of any controls on the View.

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