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I want to create a RSL with Flash Pro CS5 and then use it with another Flash file. I've created the following example:


  • Create the file
  • Create a new MovieClip symbol called Circle, export it for ActionScript as Circle and tick "Export for runtime sharing" with the value "RSLLib.swf"
  • In publish settings tick "Export SWC"
  • Export the file and now we have "RSLLib.swc" and "RSLLib.swf"


  • Create the file
  • On the first frame of the timeline add the following ActionScript

    addChild(new Circle());

  • In ActionScript Settings, in the Library Path create and entry pointing to RSLLib.swc and choose Link Type: "Runtime shared library" with RSL URL "RSLLib.swf"

  • Export the file and you'll see that Flash Pro CS5 crashes

Am I doing anything wrong here?... Any pointers appreciated.

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All works fine for me. Sounds more like a system/sand-box problem, maybe try changing folders or launching it via http.

Also, little detail I noticed in your example : you don't have to tick the "Export for runtime-sharing" in the library if you are handling the import via SWC etc. Shouldn't crash flash anyway but just so you know ; )

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It was the specific configuration that made Flash crash, I couldn't figure out exactly what, but a different path and a clean slate make the above example work. – Mihai Alexandru Bîrsan Aug 19 '10 at 9:52

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