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Is it possible to use the bare minimum zlib available on iPhone to uncompress a zip of a folder. I don't want to go for a open source library, please enlighten me the difficulty or possibility of implementing one piece of code which can uncompress a zip file.

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As JosephH said, you cannot use ZLib to deal with .zip files.

But you can use the MiniZip library for that:

There's already an Objective-C wrapper, if you don't want to write yours:

FYI - ZLib on iPhone:

Adds libz to the linked frameworks of your main target, just as another framework.

Then, you can check the ZLIB tutorials, to learn how to compress/decompress a file:

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zlib does not directly support the .zip file format, sorry.

It can be done though, contrib/minizip in the zlib distribution provides an example. (link to code: )

I'm unsure why you're against open source libraries, but is a great solution.

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ZipArchive is based on minizip its very good – harshalb Jul 12 '10 at 12:48

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