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I am trying to remove and add similar nodes in a document tree

Element firstItem = (Element) links.item(0);
Element element = (Element)firstItem.cloneNode(true);
int length = links.getLength();
while (0 != length) {
    System.out.println("removing element #" + l + " Length: " + length);
    Element link1 = (Element) links.item(0);
    Element parentElm = (Element) link1.getParentNode();

// this gives a null pointer exception           
doc.getParentNode().insertBefore(element, null); 

what would be the ideal way to add element to doc ? the remove loop works fine

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No actually i need something like <root> <elem attrsn="1"> <sub>Good</sub> </elem> <root> what i want to do is take the entire <elem></elem> and change the attributes and texts and add undefined number of nodes. i just need one node for reference, which i change attributes and add to the doc. i am first cloning the 0th <elem> and deleting all <elem>s. then while add doc.appendChild(changedElem) i get exception sequence error, something like that – mynameisanthpny Jul 20 '10 at 13:33

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Something like the following will add an element:

Element newElement = doc.createElement("foo");

This will create a new child element <foo/> and will only work if the parentElm is from the same document as doc. There's also a namespace-aware version which is likely to be more useful in real situations.

If you need to add a new element at an exact position amongst several existing siblings (say, insert an element in between two existing children) you can get a reference to the latter sibling and use the insertBefore method.

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