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for some reason my facebook app is posting to the wall of the user who allowed the app, and not their friends like it's suppose to.

I'm just using a

 $facebook->api_client->stream_publish($message, $target_id); 

Anyone got any ideas?

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Yeah, you aren't using the right method signature. Here it is as copied from my copy of the file

  public function stream_publish(
    $message, $attachment = null, $action_links = null, $target_id = null,
    $uid = null) {

So you'd need to call it like so

$facebook->api_client->stream_publish( $message, null, null, $target_id ); 
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If you're just starting out, you might find the Graph API and the new PHP SDK to be easier. For example:


require './facebook.php';

$fb = new Facebook(array(
  'appId'  => 'YOUR APP ID',
  'secret' => 'YOUR API SECRET',
  'cookie' => true, // enable optional cookie support
$post = $fb->api("$target_id/feed", 'POST', array('message' => $message));

The various parameters are documented at the bottom here.

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