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I am running 64-bit Windows 7 and the ActiveState Python 2.5 installation (64-bit version). I just downloaded and installed the pyodbc 2.1.7 win32 package. When I run the installer as an admin it proceeds with no problem. When I run python and try

import pyodbc

I receive the following error:

ImportError: DLL load failed with error code 193

I'm thinking it has to do with having the 64-bit version of ActiveState Python installed. Do I need to remove that and replace it with the 32-bit ActiveState Python installation? Would that be the preferred way of doing things until more python packages have 64-bit support?

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It shouldn't be too difficult to build yourself. I know pyodbc supports 64 bit (I worked with the author a bit adding 64 bit support a couple years ago). If unzip the source zip, you can run:

setup.py bdist_wininst 

Of course for Python 2.5, I think you'll need Visual Studio 2003, that's probably a deal-breaker. With python>=2.6, you could do it with Visual Studio Express 2008.

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Thanks for the tip. I decided to go the route of installing 32-bit python. I was afraid the pyodbc issue was just the tip of the iceberg and I would be running into other incompatibilities down the road...And you're right, the Visual Studio 2003 req't is a deal-breaker (at least for me) ;) –  mwolfe02 Jul 12 '10 at 15:45

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