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I want to cast both MenuItem objects and Button control objects to an object type of whose "Tag" property I can reference.

Is there such an object type?


void itemClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    Control c = (Control)sender;
    MethodInvoker method = new MethodInvoker(c.Tag.ToString(), "Execute");

Except this fails - "Unable to cast object type 'System.Windows.Forms.MenuItem' to type 'System.Windows.Forms.Control'

What can replace Control in this example?

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Use "as" operator.

object tag;
Button button;
MenuItem menuItem = sender as MenuItem;
if (menuItem  != null)
    tag = menuItem.Tag;
else if( (button = sender as Button) != null )
    tag = button.Tag;
    //not button nor MenuItem 

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Perfect. Thanks. –  Stuart Helwig Nov 27 '08 at 5:54

I am writing this without IDE.

object myControlOrMenu = sender as MenuItem ?? sender as Button;
if (myControlOrMenu == null)
// neither of button or menuitem

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the inheritance path is different for MenuItem and Button, there is no shared / inherited Tag property.

MenuItem inherits from Menu Which declares a Tag property, Button Inherits from Control which also implements a Tag propery. You should be able to cast both MenuItem and Button to Component, but this won't help you as the Tag property is declared in the derived classes I mentioned (menu and control).

In this specific case you would probably need to use reflection rather than inheritance. Or come up with plan B

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Control is what you're looking for.

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Sorry my mistake. The example now contains control as this doesn't work either. I had previously tried this. –  Stuart Helwig Nov 27 '08 at 5:23

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