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I had a site working just fine with Drupal 6.16. Then I updated to 6.17 (and updated all of the modules), and all of a sudden the uploaded files were all generating Access Denied errors.

If I switch the file system to Public, it all works fine (what I did as a workaround).

I tried a file compare to see what changed between editions and also searched all of the modules for possible places that the access denied function is called. I even changed to ignore other modules file_download methods temporarily with no luck.

There's no special access control modules installed.

Does anyone have any other ideas where to look to see where this could be bugged?

Everything else works fine. Just the "uploaded files" that get Drupal's Access Denied error.

I didn't change the settings.php or the .htaccess file.

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Did you override/change/alter/... the .htaccess file? – DrColossos Jul 12 '10 at 16:42
Perhaps there was a mass file ownership change? Run ls -l and see who owns the drupal directories. – Jukebox Jul 12 '10 at 17:32

It seems you are using wamp with php 5.3... drupal 6.13 is not compatible with php 5.3

you should go to the wamp tray -> php -> version -> Get more... you fly to the wampserver site : download php 5.2.11 install php 5.2.11 (the installer will find where to install it) go again to the wamp tray -> php -> version select php 5.2.11 then wamp tray -> restart all services

Now you can install drupal 6.13 without nay (?) trouble.

Note that drupal 7 will be compatible with php 5.3

Have fun :)

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Not on WAMP. Installing works fine. Everything else works fine. Just the "uploaded files" that get Drupal's Access Denied error. – Jared Jul 13 '10 at 17:04

Have you fixed it? Are there other modules that are changing permissions or are writing to the file path/system?

I've been having similar problems. It seemed like out of nowhere files were no longer accessible. I think for me, it had to do with the Backup and Migrate module changing something. It didn't alter the permissions, but when that module created the backup files in the upload dir, it made everything else in that dir inaccessible. Uninstalling the module fixed this.

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