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below is the code in struts config file

<action-mappings type="com.jpmc.invconfirm.presentation.struts.controllers.InvestorConfirmActionMapping">
    <action path="/getLoanDetail" 
        <forward name="success" path="loandetail" />
        <forward name="failure" path="sysError" />

My question is,

  1. what the "type" attribute in element will do.
  2. what the "PARAMETER" attribute in element will do.
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"type" refers to the classname of the Action. "parameter" refers to the request parameter for the Action.

May I suggest finding a good book on the Struts framework? There are several out there.

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@Edmanet .. in the above code they are using type attribute in two places 1. inside<action-mappings> element and other one is inside <action>element ...what is the difference of it?? –  Manu Jul 12 '10 at 17:15

type element refers the action class name with package.

The request parameter name is specified using the parameter attribute. Here the request parameter name is GET_LOAN_DETAIL. The request parameter name specified in the action handler is "GET_LOAN_DETAIL". So this should be specified as the property name for the submit button.

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