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The "add to favorites" link code that I use, works for firefox but not for Google chrome extensions. What should i use to create a link that adds to Chrome favorites/bookmarks

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Duplicate. stackoverflow.com/questions/992844/… –  mcandre Jul 12 '10 at 17:06

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There is no way to do it in all browsers. Even in Firefox it doesn't work as expected as it adds a sidebar (on newer versions the user can change that, if he finds the checkbox).

So I am sorry to tell you that you can't. I would provide a social bookmarks widget or ask the user to press CTRL + D to bookmark a page.

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You can do it in most browsers though and the question was how to add it to Chrome favourites. –  Ed Bishop Jan 29 '13 at 12:02

Found the Bookmarks API for extensions...

This piece of code needed to be inside a function in the background page:

chrome.bookmarks.create({'parentId': bookmarkBar.id,'title': 'Extension bookmarks'},
  function(newFolder) {
    console.log("added folder: " + newFolder.title);

Then had to call the function like this:

<a href="javascript:addfav()">Add to bookmarks</a>
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Actually there is code to do this correctly in several browsers. This company seems to have done a fine job, it took 5 min to implement.


It does not seem like they have responsive support, but the code is clear enough to extend for newer browsers and fails gracefully.


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