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I realized that on a webpage, when a form's UI (checkbox, dropdown list, etc) is changed programmatically, the event handler (onchanged) is not fired? Is this a standard rule -- that when a control is changed programmatically, the event handler will never get triggered? Is there any exception?

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That is correct, unless the code that changes the form field also explicitly triggers an event. – Pointy Jul 12 '10 at 17:28
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That is correct, unless as Pointy "pointed" out, you are also firing the event. In jQuery this is as easy as adding a call to .change() in your code that is changing the form.

Ex. -


<form id="aForm">
    <input></input><br />
    <input></input><br />
    <input type="checkbox"></input><br />
    <input type="checkbox"></input><br />


$('#aForm').change(function() {
   alert('Your form hath changed!');

jsFiddle working example -

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